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Balanced • Fruity • Bright

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Coffee beans play an important role for Costa Rica’s economy and are also considered some of the best in the world. We roast our Costa Rica to bring out the fruit flavors and creaminess. It is a bright coffee with citrus flavors and a hint of chocolate, together making it balanced and enjoyable. Enjoy a cup of Kapok!

4 reviews for Kapok

  1. brian.wiederhold

    Kapok is fantastic! I am actually finding it hard to try other kinds because I enjoy this one so much! It is clear that this company has nothing but quality in mind, from the coffee they produce, to the designs on the bags. Keep it up!

    -Your West Bend, WI Coffee Enthusiast

  2. Alex Stiyer

    The first thing I noticed when I opened my bag at home was the smell which had even my coffee averting girlfriend wanting a sip. Kapok is, in my opinion, a perfect morning coffee. Bright enough to get the sleep out of your eyes but mild enough to be easy on your waking tastebuds. The quality was amazing and I look forward to trying more flavors!

  3. Judith (verified owner)

    In the medium roast family, Kapok wins my loyalty. I enjoy Ballento and Tamborito as well but find myself returning to Kapok for its heady aroma and wonderful flavor. We discovered Redwood Street Roasters at a Wausau farmers’ market a few years ago. I have been ordering online ever since. Their coffee easily competes (and to my taste, exceeds) with any of the big name coffee roasters. If you have a chance to talk with owners, do so. They know coffee and roasting from the plant to the pot!

  4. Tom Normington

    This is my favorite coffee in your line-up. KAPOK has a wonderful flavor profile whether it is cold or hot brewed. Great before morning workouts. I enjoy all your medium and dark-roast whole bean coffees. Thank you Redwood Street Roasters for offering a diverse coffee line-up that is far superior to the over roasted, bitter, acidic, and the poor bean quality of the big store roasters.

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